Strive can help minimise the risk of injury at your workplace. Let Strive take care of all your return to work (RTW) & injury management needs. Please contact us for more information.

Strive can tailor an effective injury prevention, workplace rehabilitation and/or human resource management program for your company. Call us to discuss your business needs today. 

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Injury prevention is key to workplace health & safety. Strive can help minimise the risk of injury for your organisation with expert injury prevention and workforce / HR management training programs. 


Since 2004, we’ve been in the business of helping minimise risk to reduce the frequency of workplace incidents. We know what works and offer a wide range of leading preventative programs and services that can be tailored to meet your company and staff needs.

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Hazard Identification and Control – Risk Assessment/Safety Audits


Strive specialist practitioners conduct risk assessments and safety audits to identify hazards as well as health and safety risks at your workplace. Once complete we identify a range of measures that need to be implemented to address these risks and create a safe work environment.

Work Task Analysis 


Strive specialist practitioners also conduct work task analysis to identify the primary duties and critical job demands associated with each position in your workplace in order to establish skills and tolerance requirements to perform these duties.

Development of a Job Dictionary


Strive can conduct a full workplace job analysis and review of existing positions in order to identify tasks within the workplace that can be utilised as part of a return to work plan. This can help the injured worker to return to work in an environment that promotes safety and helps them to recover as soon as possible. It also assists the workplace and management to identify any potential hazards and implement risk management strategies.

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Preventative Training


Strive provides a wide range of tailored training services helping organisations and their staff to thrive, including:

  • Conflict or run – Helping individuals to understand their natural conflict approach and how and when to utilise different techniques to influence a positive outcome.
  • Drugs and Alcohol – Assisting individuals to understand the choices they are making, where to seek assistance and the potential risks to themselves and the organisation.
  • Ergonomic - Improves the match between a worker and their environment. Also known as an ergonomic evaluation. This can also include utilising sit-stand workstations and vehicle ergonomics.  A greater understanding of how to adjust our work environment can lead to decreased symptoms and increased productivity.
  • Managing change and transition in modern organisations - Assisting individuals and companies to survive and thrive in the current environment of constant change.
  • Managing 4 Results – Looking to up skill your managers? Gain a greater understanding of style differences to help improve employee performance and productivity.
  • Manual Handling Training - A training package that adopts the risk management approach to occupational health and safety and manual handling. It looks at what can be done to reduce the costs involved with injuries from manual handling. Typically will involve educational content and practical application within the workplace.
  • Mental Health Awareness – Helping individuals to understand more about common mental health conditions and strategies to work with people to improve outcomes.
  • Stress Management and Resilience - This can include ‘tool box talks’ through to full day workshops aimed to identify our unique resilience building techniques to proactively and positively manage stress. 
  • Work Life Balance - Developing strategies to make work life balance work!

Preventative Training

Ergonomic Assessments


Strive conducts ergonomic workspace assessments where our specialist team visit you at a convenient time to assess your workspace and make sure it is set up to help prevent risk of injury or strain and allow you to focus effectively on your work. This may involve advice regarding workstation set up including home workstation set up, equipment modification or the provision of aids or alternate equipment including sit-stand workstations. To find out more about an ergonomic assessment for your workspace or to discuss your organisation’s needs please contact us.

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