Consultants at Strive have a broad understanding of the issues facing employers within the area of human resource management.

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organisational development

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Providing Help with Conflict Resolution in Brisbane


Strive consultants are able to provide the following services:

  • Human resource/occupational health and safety manual development
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Performance appraisal systems
  • Organisational development audits
  • Business planning facilitation
  • Change planning and advice
  • Transition management
  • Management/leadership development programs

organisational development

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Organisational Mediation/Facilitations for Conflict Resolution


Strive offers organisational mediation and regularly facilitates conflict resolution using appropriate techniques to assist two or more parties within a workplace to negotiate an agreement that is mutually satisfying and successfully achieves the right outcome. Our goal is to help people better manage interpersonal disputes and see conflict as an opportunity to strengthen relationships. 

Conflict Management Coaching


Conflict Management Coaching is an individual service conducted by an accredited Conflict Management Coach where the individual is able to unpack their conflict experience. Conflict Management Coaching typically occurs over three to six sessions with the aim of identifying opportunities for growth to better manage conflict situations in the future. 

Team Development and Team Building Programs


Investing time and resources into developing your people is a great way to contribute to your business success. Our team development and team building programs identify the strengths and skills of your team to help develop a team culture. Sessions address conflict and promote problem solving as well as decision making to help staff understand how they work to promote team effectiveness and productivity. Strive can customise a team building workshop to cater for your business and staff needs. 

team development

conflict management

conflict resolution

Performance Management Coaching


Strive's performance management coaching identifies communication strategies for supervisors to continually provide feedback that encourages each employee and promotes a sense of achievement within an organisation. Performance management coaching assists with clarifying the goals and expectations of an individual’s job and role within an organisation and helps the employee to accomplish them. Strive coaching programs can be designed around personal and organisational objectives and challenges.

performance management

Management Coaching - Executive, Middle Management and Team Leader Levels


Strive supports Managers to facilitate a better understanding of individual and group behaviours. This, coupled with a better understanding of their own management style and behaviours, promotes a more cohesive team and maximises performance. This involves one-on-one coaching with the Manager and the implementation of appropriate models to provide the Manager with necessary skills to lead an efficient and effective team.  

management coaching

early intervention programs

Early Intervention Programs


If you’re interested in a program of continuous improvement for your workplace, we can help. Strive develops strong partnerships with clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation and provide measurable results. The team at Strive believes that early intervention is key to success including a focus on injury prevention and employee assistance programs designed to help people whose work is affected by a personal or job-related problem. We facilitate open and transparent communication between all stakeholders to ensure we help produce positive outcomes for each individual case. 

Strive’s EPIC Program


Over the past two years, Strive has successfully and sustainably implemented our Empowering People Improving Connect (EPIC) Program for one of our largest customers at several locations across Queensland. Strive has the expertise, consulting experience and proven track record to develop an ongoing Employee Support Program such as EPIC for your organisation. 


We can offer a customised version of our EPIC Program ranging from several weeks to over 12 months for your organisation.

We can offer you the following to choose from to suit your organisation:

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