At Strive, we recognise that everybody’s situation is different – so the occupational rehabilitation services that will benefit you the most will depend on your unique circumstances.

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Initial Rehabilitation Needs Assessment (IRNA)


An Initial Rehabilitation Needs Assessment (IRNA) is undertaken to obtain specific information that identifies any barriers for an individual to return to work (physical, psychosocial, workplace) or to establish the most appropriate course of action to achieve the earliest possible, safe and sustainable return to work goal.

occupational rehabilitation

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Case Management


A fully co-ordinated and multi-disciplinary approach to case management is essential. Case and caseload management systems focus on early intervention and appropriate professional input which is aimed at an early return to work or maintenance at work for the injured worker. Strive will ensure regular and timely reviews of return to work plans are conducted to monitor achievement of rehabilitation objectives and to plan further action.

Worksite Assessment


Strive’s workplace evaluation will identify the critical demands of all work tasks and establish the work-related performance criteria against which the worker's functional capacity is to be evaluated. During a Strive Worksite Assessment, we can identify methods of temporarily or permanently modifying the work demands or work environment to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work. This may include identification and development of a Graded Suitable Duties Program to assist the worker by restoring their functional tolerances in a graduated fashion.

Functional Capacity Evaluation


This Strive assessment is an objective measurement of the injured worker's functioning to identify work capabilities and to facilitate the injury management rehabilitation process. A Functional Capacity Evaluation can be used to determine a baseline of a worker’s functional capacity or to measure their capabilities against a specific role to determine their suitability or risk of future injury. 

functional capacity evaluation

worksite assessment

case management

Home Assessment/Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment


A Strive Home Assessment or ADL Assessment involves observing an individual’s functional capacity to participate in their usual occupations at home following an injury or illness. A Home or ADL Assessment may involve recommendations for aides, equipment or services to assist with promoting an individual’s independence in their home environment. The Assessment may also include the development of a graduated ADL program which coincides with the individual’s treatment and rehabilitation with the aim to reduce services or aides as their functional capacity increases. A Home or ADL Assessment can also be helpful in starting initial discussions surrounding a return to the workplace in the future.

home/ADL assessment

Pre-Employment Medicals


This Strive assessment is an objective measurement of an individual’s functional capacity against a specific role in which they have applied for. Typically organisations or employers have specific objectives they want measured through the recruitment process and this is completed by a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist as an effective workforce risk management tool to screen workers and identify any potential risk factors that may limit their ability to perform a particular role safely. 

pre-employment medicals

ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic Assessments


Strive can provide comprehensive ergonomic assessments. This may involve advice regarding workstation set up, including vehicle ergonomics or home workstation set up. An Ergonomic Assessment may also involve recommendations to improve symptom management strategies, equipment modification or the provision of aids or alternate equipment including sit-stand workstations. 

Psychological/Adjustment to Injury Counselling/Pain Management Counselling


Strive’s experienced consultants specialise in providing psychological support to individuals experiencing work related or non-work related concerns including management of various mental health conditions. Psychological services may involve an Initial Rehabilitation Needs Assessment (IRNA) to help determine an appropriate rehabilitation plan.


Specific psychological services may involve counselling surrounding a specific event or trauma, critical incident debriefing, Adjustment to Injury Counselling or Pain Management Counselling. Our experienced Consultants are skilled in many different psychological approaches to target individual needs to help them develop positive management strategies and an appropriate support network. Psychological services can occur in conjunction with the individual accessing other psychological treatment.  

injury and pain management counselling

Vocational Assessment


A Strive Vocational Assessment determines achievable and suitable employment option/s for a staff member based on their injury, functional capacity, employment history, transferrable skills, vocational psychometric testing and a current labour market analysis relevant to the worker and where the worker resides (when requested). The Vocational Assessment Report will identify any achievable suitable employment options and makes a recommendation as to whether the employee may benefit from participating in a further Vocational Counselling to assist with obtaining employment.

vocational assessment

vocational counselling

Vocational Counselling


Vocational Counselling services typically follow a Vocational Assessment or when a specific vocational goal has been identified. Strive’s Vocational Counselling is tailored for each individual depending on their identified strengths and weaknesses. Vocational Counselling services may also include identification of a Host Employment or Work Trial Agreement to assess an individual’s work capacity outside of their pre-injury work environment. Our experienced consultants use a Strive-patented Job Search Guide to assist with guiding the service to provide objective feedback to your organisation on the progress made. Vocational Counselling services can include:

  • Transferrable skill identification
  • Utilising a job search diary
  • Accessing job market/networking
  • Resume development
  • Developing a LinkedIn and other job network profile
  • Writing cover letters, expression of interest letters and responding to applications
  • Interview and presentation skills including injury disclosure
  • Cold canvassing
  • Confidence and self-esteem training