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There's a growing body of research out there that suggests we as people are becoming more easily distracted and have increasing difficulty in unhooking from unhelpful thoughts. So much so that it is estimated that we spend nearly half of the day thinking about something other than what we are doing!   So what is mindfulness? Put simply, mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment at any given point in time. It is about being aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations within your body and opening up your awareness to experience these things in order to engage with the present moment.     So how can mindfulness help my organisation? In order to be mindful, we just need to be able to pay attention to the present moment. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised at how absent minded we have become in modern life.  Regular mindfulness practice has many benefits to individuals and organisations including: improved focus, increased resilience, improved concentration, improved self-esteem and increased emotional agility just to name a few.   so what is a strive mindfulness program? Strive offers a variety of mindfulness programs for individuals and organisations from eight week programs to half and full day workshops. Strive's most common mindfulness program is the eight week program for organisations and teams and can cater for up to 15 participants.  For information relating to costs or to view some of the results of our mindfulness program click here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.   #StriveToBeMindful #Mindful2017  

If not now; then when?

There are so many and varied demands on people at work these days, so it is easy to put mindfulness on the backburner; on the to-do list, on the “we will get around to it at some time” list. However; when you explore the science, it is absolutely compelling that the workplace in particular really benefits from mindful practices being embedded as part of their culture.

Workplace Advice from Vanilla Ice

Well said Vanilla Ice! It seems like pretty sage advice that most workplaces could certainly benefit from heeding. I think in reality, there may be some barriers to following this advice through. However, if people could just “stop” in the first instance then the collaboration and the listening might have half a chance.

Strive Mindfulness Newsletter August 2018

Another month down through 2018 and hopefully with all your mindfulness practice you're feeling cool, calm and collected heading into the back half of 2018. To download a copy of this months edition of our Mindfulness Newsletter click here. 


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