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There's a growing body of research out there that suggests we as people are becoming more easily distracted and have increasing difficulty in unhooking from unhelpful thoughts. So much so that it is estimated that we spend nearly half of the day thinking about something other than what we are doing!   So what is mindfulness? Put simply, mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment at any given point in time. It is about being aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations within your body and opening up your awareness to experience these things in order to engage with the present moment.     So how can mindfulness help my organisation? In order to be mindful, we just need to be able to pay attention to the present moment. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised at how absent minded we have become in modern life.  Regular mindfulness practice has many benefits to individuals and organisations including: improved focus, increased resilience, improved concentration, improved self-esteem and increased emotional agility just to name a few.   so what is a strive mindfulness program? Strive offers a variety of mindfulness programs for individuals and organisations from eight week programs to half and full day workshops. Strive's most common mindfulness program is the eight week program for organisations and teams and can cater for up to 15 participants.  For information relating to costs or to view some of the results of our mindfulness program click here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.   #StriveToBeMindful #Mindful2017  

Mindfulness Newsletter August 2019

To view our mindfulness newsletter for August click here

Strive appoints new General Manager

AFTER ACTING IN THE GENERAL MANAGER ROLE SINCE LATE-JANUARY 2019, STRIVE DIRECTORS HAVE APPOINTED CHRIS MERRILEES AS THE GENERAL MANAGER. In the time that Mr Merrilees has been acting in the General Manager role there have been a number of positive achievements for the business including the recent opening of the Toowoomba Office and a full-time Senior Consultant to service the region.  Since Mr Merrilees commenced acting in the General Manager role, his focus has been on investing in his current staff as well as bringing in to the business new and experienced Consultant's who share the Strive vision. "Since I took over the role I have made our people my number one focus as I want to ensure that I can invest as much time and support in their development as they need. I think we have a terrific team of highly skilled and authentic individuals and I am really proud of the culture and team we have assembled" said Mr Merrilees. "I'm really excited for the opportunity to be representing Strive as the General Manager, it is a great honour and something that I am proud of. I am genuinely excited for the future of Strive and I look forward to driving the business forwards over the coming months and years". Mr Merrilees went on to state that he looks forward to continuing to work with Strive's existing customers and meeting new ones along the journey who share Strive's vision of connecting teams and people together through work.   #StriveToBeMindful​

Strive Toowoomba Office Open

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we have opened the doors to our Toowoomba Office. We are located in the Willows Lifestyle Centre, 55-57 Kitchener Street, South Toowoomba.  Jason Darbyshire is working full-time from our Toowoomba office so please reach out to Jason 0413 106 605 or  We are also accepting expressions of interest if there are any OT's, Physio's or Psychologist's in the Toowoomba region is interested in joining the Strive over the coming weeks and months. Please send through a resume to 


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