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Workplace Injury Rehab Centre in Brisbane


Often the costs of work related injuries are far greater than we ever thought. Workplace injuries can result in financial, physical, emotional and psychological costs to you, your employer and your family. Strive are industry leading experts when it comes to supporting you with all your rehabilitation needs and offer timely and professional support to help you recover safely and quickly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for workplace injury rehab.


Strive Occupational Rehabilitation is proud to be a Queensland owned business serving Queensland people and communities. We have office locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville and Cairns. Strive is renowned for our early intervention programs, supporting teams and organisations in managing difficult and challenging times to help prevent the onset of physical and psychological conditions. When you come to Strive, you know you’re in good hands.  


Effective Rehabilitation


We understand that each person’s situation is unique and depends on a number of factors. At Strive, our experienced team of health professionals can help individuals who are experiencing physical, mental health or chronic conditions feel safe, supported, and in control of their rehabilitation. When you and your employer choose to work with Strive, you will be accessing a holistic approach to your workplace injury rehab needs which may include a worksite assessment, ergonomic assessment, development of a suitable return to work plan and liaison with all key stakeholders to ensure a safe and sustainable return to work.


Trustworthy Professionals


Strive has provided rehabilitation services and supported Queensland employees in Brisbane since 2004. So for you this means 15 years of understanding our customers’ needs as well as a wealth of knowledge across all our Consultants. The Strive team is renowned as being one of the most experienced in the industry, so you can be confident in choosing us for your workplace injury rehabilitation.


One of Strive’s core values is integrity. What that means for you is when we say we’re going to do something, we ensure it gets done.


We have office locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville and Cairns. To schedule an appointment today please call 1300 361 953 or contact us online.