What's it really like to work at Strive?


We’re always looking for new ways to work creatively and flexibly to improve maintain motivation and staff engagement.



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Prior to starting in the Occ Rehab industry, as a new grad I remember hearing a lot of rumours about what Occ Rehab is and thinking, "that’s definitely not for me". I remember hearing things like office work, paper work and thinking “yeah, nah”. But fast forward a five years and I’m still in the industry and still with Strive and it’s nothing like I thought it would be, in a good way!


So what is Occ Rehab at Strive? What does it look like here? And why is it different to my preconceived ideas?


If I had to sum it up in a sentence it would be: No day is ever the same which allows me complete autonomy and flexibility in the way I work and how I work.


A good snapshot of this would be a summary of my last week.


Monday morning comes around and staff that are in the office will participate in Mindful Monday (a short 15 minute mindfulness session to help us get started). Monday is an office day and it is spent organising my week, completing a case review with one of my colleagues and suggesting to him to try a new voice activated app on his iPhone to help him with his case management. We then have cake at lunch to celebrate a team members birthday and a Strive anniversary (and by cake I mean good quality, double chocolate mud cake!). I then spend some time in the afternoon updating our online project management database so all staff can see what is going on at any given point in time in relation to our projects, company goals, marketing strategies etc.


Tuesday means off to the Sunshine Coast to catch up with a Veteran I’ve been working with to help him and his family through a tough time. In between meetings I spend some time working off my iPad in a coffee shop (oh yeah, we love a good coffee here too!). I then complete an Assessment with a Client who has a hearing impairment and we’re looking at some cool new technology to make her job easier. I then head back to Brisbane where I work from home for the remainder of the day on my laptop.


Wednesday is down to the Gold Coast to facilitate a workshop on debriefing and supporting each other with a workplace I’ve been working closely with for the past 18 months. I then spend the remainder of the day available in the workplace to offer one to one support as part of a proactive employee support program available to all their staff. I feel like this is my second home in their workplace which is a great feeling!


Thursday is into the CBD for case reviews with a customer and my Manager. Afterwards we work together in a coffee shop planning our next moves. Thursday afternoon is off to see another Veteran who has made some really positive steps forward in the last 12 months from being suicidal to now engaging with his family and local community again.


Friday rolls around (TGIF) and it’s a busy day ahead with a Vocational Assessment with an ex-Policeman testing out our online assessment tools and an Initial Assessment with a Veteran with various physical injuries in the afternoon.


 At Strive no day, week or month is ever the same. We have flexibility and autonomy to plan our weeks and have the technology to work from wherever. We often use videoconferencing technology to meet with our regional team members and clients who are located outside of Southeast Queensland.


We are constantly looking at new apps, technology and devices that lead to improved efficiency and innovation in the work we do. We’re more than happy for anyone in our team to offer suggestions and to test things out!


So if this sounds like something you’d like to do, get in touch with us at info@striveor.com. We’d love to have a coffee or hear more about your story and how you’d like to get involved in our version of Occ Rehab.



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