How Strive can help your organisation in the midst of COVID-19



As Coronaviris (COVID-19) continues to evolve and if staff in your organisation are required to work for extended periods from home, we wanted to let you know that we’re here to help. At Strive we have a clear strategy and plan in place to ensure we can continue to support your staff whether they remain in the office or working remotely from home.


Remote / Digital Workstation Assessments:

We have the technology available for our Consultants, where if required we can complete Remote / Digital Workstation Assessments to help provide advice and guidance to your staff if they’re quarantined or working from home for an extended period. We can offer Zoom / FaceTime assessments to provide education and advice about adjusting their home workstation to ensure an optimal ergonomic set up. We can also ask your staff members to text through photos of their workstation set up prior to us calling in order to provide education and advice. 


Zoom / Skype / FaceTime Assessments and Consulting:

All our Consultants have access to Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. As long as your staff have a laptop with a webcam, or a mobile phone with a camera, we can continue to conduct the majority of assessments, meetings and case conferences without too much disruption. We can also teleconference in to all meetings and assessments as well. 


Telephone / Video Counselling for anyone with increased anxiety due to COVID-19:

For any staff members that may be feeling increased stress levels or anxiety surrounding COVID-19, we are happy to offer telephone or video based counselling to help them through the coming weeks. We wanted you to know that we are well prepared and to assure you that you will still receive the same responsiveness and service from Strive. 


Please stay safe, take care of each other and remember to be kind and compassionate. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 361 953.   


Kind regards, 


Chris and the Strive Team