Mindfulness toolbox talks - August

Be sure to book your place in the upcoming FREE Toolbox Talk series presented by Ms Sharon Darmody, Clinical Director on Mindfulness.  The term “mindfulness” has been thrown around a lot lately, but what does it actually mean? Many people believe mindfulness to mean meditation, however this is not entirely true. Mindfulness is a mental state of openness and being present in the moment, and meditation is one means to achieve this state. Mindfulness simply means focusing your attention on the task at hand. Why do we want to practise mindfulness? Well it has been shown to reduce stress, raise self-awareness and enhance emotional intelligence, as well as being linked to a greater working memory and increased cognitive flexibility. But what does all this mean? In short, mindfulness increases fulfilment in our lives. This session will cover:Theoretical framework for mindfulnessApplications and benefits of mindfulness in the workplacePractical examples of both the discipline of mindfulness and integration into everyday lifeSome results from recent mindfulness programs The session is suitable for those working in the fields of occupational rehabilitation, health and safety, HR and management.  Where & When:Townsville: Tuesday 15 August 2017, Sturt Business Centre, Townsville.  Arrive at 9.30am for morning tea followed by the presentation from 10.00am  - 11.30am. Cairns: Tuesday 22 August 2017, Bolands Centre, Spence St, Cairns.  Arrive at 9.30am for morning tea followed by the presentation from 10.00am  - 11.30am. Gold Coast: Thursday 24 August 2017, Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Broadwater Parklands Southport.Arrive at 9.30am for morning tea followed by the presentation from 10.00am  - 11.30am. Brisbane: Thursday 31 August 2017, Brisbane Square Library Community Meeting Room (Ground floor), 266 George St, Brisbane. Arrive at 2.30pm for afternoon team followed by the presentation from 3.00pm – 4.30pm   Please distribute this to others in your organisation who may be interested. Attendance is free of charge but numbers are limited so please RSVP by a week prior to the presentation you wish to attend, including the names and email addresses for each participant. Send your RSVP to reception@striveor.com    

strive's mindfulness program

There's a growing body of research out there that suggests we as people are becoming more easily distracted and have increasing difficulty in unhooking from unhelpful thoughts. So much so that it is estimated that we spend nearly half of the day thinking about something other than what we are doing!   So what is mindfulness? Put simply, mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment at any given point in time. It is about being aware of your thoughts, feelings, sensations within your body and opening up your awareness to experience these things in order to engage with the present moment.     So how can mindfulness help my organisation? In order to be mindful, we just need to be able to pay attention to the present moment. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised at how absent minded we have become in modern life.  Regular mindfulness practice has many benefits to individuals and organisations including: improved focus, increased resilience, improved concentration, improved self-esteem and increased emotional agility just to name a few.   so what is a strive mindfulness program? Strive offers a variety of mindfulness programs for individuals and organisations from eight week programs to half and full day workshops. Strive's most common mindfulness program is the eight week program for organisations and teams and can cater for up to 15 participants.  For information relating to costs or to view some of the results of our mindfulness program click here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.   #StriveToBeMindful #Mindful2017  

mindfulness newsletter - august 2017

Please download a copy of our Mindfulness Newsletter for August here​

Strive appoints general manager

Strive is very excited to announce the appointment of our new General Manager, Dave Campling who will commence as GM from 10 July 2017. ​ Dave is back at Strive for his second stint, having first worked at Strive for two years in 2007. Dave is an Occupational Therapist by background and has recently returned to Brisbane after spending most of the last eight years working in the UK. While in the UK Dave provided specialist rehabilitation services to clients with chronic health conditions who were long-term unemployed. Dave’s role was based solely around assisting people who were long-term unemployed with the necessary skills to seek new employment. Dave returned to Strive in January 2017 and his  empathetic and compassionate approach along with his warm and vibrant personality make him a great fit for Strive and working with people with various psychological conditions or complex physical injuries. Dave has a strong expertise in leadership development, organisational change and building team capacity and he brings a strong people focus to his work. Dave will continue his consulting work while he is GM and we are very excited for the passion, enthusiasm and strengths that Dave brings to the table and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Strive under Dave’s leadership.


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